There are numerous weight loss programs available in recent times that promises to cure obesity however it is advisable do a bit of research, consult a dietitian and ask friends before taking up any weight loss protocol. Most so-called weight loss cure products try to lure dieters by making tall claims but the dieters never actually get requisite results.

Most Of The Weight Loss Programs Fail Because Of The Below Mentioned Reasons :


  1. Dedication: In order to attain maximum results from a diet plan, dieters should be dedicated and focused towards the program. Lack of sincerity due to temptations may lead to no results.
  2. Lifestyle Changes: Changing your lifestyle according to the diet plan is extremely important. Some dieters don’t change their old habits due to laziness, which is why they see no weight loss.
  3. Patience: Some people don’t have patience to complete the diet program that leads to failure and adverse results.
  4. Research: All diet plans aren’t designed after an extensive research. It is advisable to know the workings of the diet before taking up any weight loss program. Understanding the diet is extremely important for getting maximum results, some diet plans don’t provide enough knowledge about the program that may create hassles.
  5. Avoid Cheating: Dieters usually cheat during a diet plan that causes failure. Regular temptations and parties may spoil your dieting dream. It’s advisable to stay away from junk food during your weight loss regime. Dieters should stick to home cooked meals instead.
  6. Lack of Guidance: It is always necessary to seek expert guidance for achieving success. There’s no shortcut hence dieters should always consult dietitians and friends for losing requisite weight on time.
  7. Impractical Goals: Dieters should know the limitations of a diet plan and shouldn’t expect much. It’s important to be practical rather than building castles in the air. Weighing regularly during the diet plan is also very crucial.
  8. Proper Meal Plan: Absence of a good meal plan with the proposed weight loss program may prevent fat loss.
  9. Water Weight: Most weight loss programs focus on water weight that comes back after the diet gets over.

HCG Diet is one of the most successful diet program that not only helps burning abnormal fat banks but also renews your eating habits. It’s a permanent weight loss solution that mainly targets the fat banks located on your thighs, hips, chin, abdomen etc.

HCG diet is a combination of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and 500-calorie diet. HCG hormone is available in various forms such as pellets, injections, powder, drops and sprays. Homeopathic HCG diet drops are considered to be the most effective form. These drops are prepared in FDA approved labs after a serious of rigorous dilution process. HCG diet drops come with calibrated droppers and are extremely hassle free.