HCG Diet requires extreme dedication and discipline and any deviation from the diet plan can give adverse results. Managing HCG Diet during Holiday season can be tough but it’s not impossible. There are many ways that can be taken up to follow HCG diet protocol without feeling suffocated by the pressure of eating less during this period.

HCG Diet is a very low calorie diet plan that only allows selected foods and drinks mentioned in the Simeons’ book Pounds and Inches however you can be little innovative with the existing recipes for chiseling your holidaying experience.

Top Tips To Manage HCG Diet During The Holiday Season

  • Starting Your Loading Days During Holiday Time: It’s necessary to understand the importance of loading days in HCG diet. HCG Diet Loading phase makes the dieter capable of fighting hunger and weakness during the low calorie diet phase. You can start your HCG diet journey during Thanksgiving and Christmas by starting your loading phase. You can eat anything as much as you can during those days without feeling any guilt.
  • Planned Cheating: Simeons’ Book Pounds and Inches tells about the problems dieter may face if he or she has to attend some inevitable events scheduled during the diet. In case of events that involve lots of eating and drinking that you can’t avoid, it is advisable to eat lightly. Eating anything in small quantity won’t make any difference however please avoid sugar and starches. It can also be termed as Planned Cheating.
  • Short Rounds: If you’ve cheated during your Thanksgiving and Christmas days, it’s advisable to start your diet again and consider those days as loading period. Short rounds are effective if you maintain your maintenance phase well and follow strict dieting regime till the end. Some psychological pressures like boredom of eating low calorie diet also get reduced if you consider doing short rounds during the holiday time.
  • Plan Your Diet: Proper planning helps dieter to lose weight at requisite time frame without facing any hassles. It’s always advisable to start HCG diet after any event. Cheating can cause adverse results and instead of losing weight you can gain weight. HCG diet not only helps burning fat but also refurbishes your eating habits. You won’t face hunger or weakness during this program because the 1500-2000 calories released into your body from the burnt abnormal fat banks.

HCG Diet protocol works for everybody if followed properly. So plan your diet accordingly and if you are planning to cheat on Holidays then consider the points mentioned above for losing weight without compromising your holidays.