HCG diet is equally effective for men and women however woman dieters should make few tweaks during the diet plan due to several reasons. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a pregnancy hormone, which when combined with a very low calorie diet promises to shed pounds and inches. HCG diet is a strict weight loss program and any deviations made during the diet may cause adverse results.

Dr. Simeons in the year 1950 discovered the benefits of HCG for losing weight after an extensive research. His book Pounds & Inches is considered to be the bible of HCG diet plan. It is advisable to read his book for attaining maximum results. There are three main phases in HCG diet plan (Loading, Maintenance & Stabilization). Dieters should follow these phases religiously for losing requisite weight.

Important HCG Diet Tips For Woman Dieters

  • Menstrual Cycle (TOM):It is advisable to start your HCG diet (Loading phase) during the beginning of your monthly cycle for avoiding weakness and unnecessary cramps. However, it is advisable to discontinue the drops but stay on 500-calorie diet if your monthly period falls in between your diet. You can easily continue taking drops after the period gets over.
  • Pregnancy: Homeopathic HCG diet drops shouldn’t be taken during the time of pregnancy. It’s obvious that nobody would like to lose weight during this phase however few exceptional queries coming to us has prompted us to write about this.
  • Lactation Period: HCG diet shouldn’t be taken during this phase too. A nursing mother should completely avoid HCG diet drops.
  • Menopause: Homeopathic HCG diet drops works for everybody. It’s extremely potent weight loss cure for any age group above 16 years. HCG Diet not only helps reducing weight but also prevent hot flashes. HCG Diet also works fine with hypothyroidism.
  • HCG Diet & Medication:Homeopathic HCG diet drops don’t interfere with any medication including birth control pills hence women dieters can easily take HCG drops and birth control pills simultaneously.

Homeopathic HCG diet drops are prepared in FDA approved labs after a series of rigorous dilution. These drops contain HCG, Vitamin B12 and Cell salts that not only help losing weight but also refurbish your eating habits permanently. HCG diet plan is a permanent weight loss therapy that mainly targets the abnormal fat banks resting on your thighs, hips, abdomen, chin etc. It’s extremely popular among woman dieters across the world. There are thousands of testimonials available online that proves the effectiveness of this weight loss remedy. HCG diet prohibits the consumption of alcohol during the program. Dieters should also avoid heavy workouts and drink plenty of water to see the difference within 21-44 days.