Winter holidays are approaching and the chances of eating small portions of cookies, candies peanuts brittle toppings, cracker, cheese, flavored coffee, cherries covered with chocolate, snacks, eggnog and sweet potatoes are higher than ever. Eating these foodstuffs in small portions add up one-pound daily during the winter holidays. Holiday season is a no time to diet and it’s a no time to gain also.

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Calorie List:

  1. One small portion of cookie: 30
  2. Small piece of the peanut brittle: 80
  3. Cheese and Cracker Samples: 40
  4. 1/4 Cup Samples Flavored Holiday Coffee: 20
  5. Chocolate-covered cherries: 60
  6. Snack: 75
  7. Half-Cup Old Fashioned Eggnog: 200
  8. Candied Sweet Potatoes: 60
  9. One heaping tablespoon of candy cane ice-cream: 70

Total Tasting Calories Within A Day: 635 calories

If you taste tiny portions of such foodstuffs daily during the holiday season, you might end up gaining 5 Pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year. Remember: Don’t treat your waist like a wastebasket. It’s better to freeze the leftovers and have them within 3-4 days.

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Happy Holidays!