It’s holiday season again, which means lots of eating, drinking and merrymaking. According to research, a normal person usually gains 10-12 pounds from Halloween till the end of New Year’s Eve. There’s too much socializing, foods and indulgence during this period that unconsciously makes you forget about all your weight loss goals.

Why Gain Weight At All? Use The Following Tips During Holiday Season


  1. Try This Motto: “Have fun with friends and family not with foods and drinks.” The idea is to enjoy with good company than pleasure from food.
  2. Don’t Miss Your Breakfast: It’s the most important meal of the day and one shouldn’t miss breakfast especially during holiday season. Adding bit of protein is important because it helps regulating your appetite that consequently boosts self-control.
  3. Have An Exercise Super Set: Parties are meant for fun, relationships, networking and enjoyment. It’s difficult to maintain a regular workout regime during holiday season, which is why you should reserve a day for Exercise Super Set. It can be any day in a week where you should only do exercise in various different forms. You can hit the gym in the morning, play squash in the afternoon and swim in the evening. Exercise Super Set day will make you tired and burn so much calories that the parties after that won’t make you fat. You can easily enjoy your holidays without feeling any guilt.
  4. Weigh Yourself Regularly: During holiday season, usually factors like social gathering and peer pressure influences people to eat. Weighing regularly helps dieters to track his or her weight gain. You can easily rectify your eating mistakes if you know how much weight you are gaining regularly. Don’t get stressed if you gain, as it’s too normal during this period.
  5. Be Creative With Your Recipes: You can savor sumptuous delicious with low calorie recipes too. Do a bit of research and try preparing and eating foods with fewer calories. You can also use Stevia for sweetening during this period. Drink plenty of water for controlling your weight during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily for preventing the unwanted fat gain during this time. Add dried fruit for making cookies. There are plenty of low calorie delicious recipes available online. You can easily browse through the extensive list to pick your favorites.
  6. Eat Before The Party: Never go to a party hungry. Always try to eat something before the social gathering for stopping unnecessary weight gain. Going to a festivity with an empty stomach will make you easily vulnerable to high calorie foods.
  7. Holiday Diary: It’s better to repent before the party than after it. You should make a holiday diary to write down your wonderful holidaying experiences. Remember the last time you got drunk and repented whole year about the unwanted weight gain. This diary will always serve as a reminder of your past events. Maintaining a holiday diary is the best way to treasure your memories.
  8. Moderation Is Key: Self-control definitely should be your guiding light during the holiday season. You shouldn’t get carried away by peer pressure, family and friends, which will add remorse after the party gets over. Plan ahead, enjoy and cherish your holiday memories without any weight gain in style.
  9. Finally Alcohol: This will be your stiffest challenge. Once you are high nothing matters!! Let’s offer you a simple remedy–HOLD YOUR DRINK–Each time you take a drink make it last at least 30 minutes, if this won’t slow you down nothing will!!
  10. Try HCG Diet: HCG diet is a low calorie weight loss program that has three phases (Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization). You can easily start this diet during your holiday season and eat as much as you want during the two loading days and maintain low calories after that. HCG diet is a combination of HCG hormone and 500 calorie diet that perfectly helps every dieter to lose 1 pound a day.

Lastly Have Fun!!! Some sins are worth it…